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For all of us, the suffering of a beloved child who develops a serious, and sometimes fatal, illness is one of the greatest catastrophes we can imagine. Many families experiencing this grief are forced to endure complete disruption of their normal life and face severe financial hardship. The last thing any family should worry about when their child’s life is on the line is finding an affordable place to stay and we are here to provide them with a loving home right near the hospital.


We serve children with a variety of illnesses — babies born prematurely and children with congenital illness, cancer, and many other diagnoses — find comfort and care. We firmly believe that no child should ever have to face their medical treatment without the love and support of their mom or dad. But sadly, some hospitalized children have no choice. Their parents can’t afford long stays at hotels while away from home — or the gas to drive back and forth. At times, these children are in the hospital without their mom, dad, or anyone they know. But your gift today can help a family stay with their sick child and close to the care and resources they need.


For 35 years, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of El Paso has served more than 35,000 children and their families. Families just like yours. Here, offer families not just a House — but a home. Our environment is one built on love and support, so families can devote their time and energy to what’s most important: Being with their sick child.

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